Hi! I'm BhoomiGanesh

I'm a Chirpy Wife and an Enthusiastic responsible Mother who plans her daily routines cleverly.  Good at Cooking. I'm strong enough to take up things in a positive way. I don't worry when things go wrong with me at times.  I write to pop positivity around. My Happenings can be your story. You are my major part of a blog. 

Things completely mess up with us sometimes Staying strong Hoping better and deserve the best is what I totally believe. If you are the one who agrees to it then join me my site is just for you. I boost up when you feel low. I'm here to suggest to you what's the best advice to be Happy cheerful and most importantly peacefully. All that me today is just because of my yesterday. I keep on thinking of words repeatedly on my mind deep inside I have the massive thoughts that push me to write on my paper. I get lost in my own world and thoughts. 



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