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12 Chirpy Moments With You | Anniversary Post

12 Months 12 Best Things Experienced With You By Staying At the Same Place Without Traveling World

August 2018:

After 10 days of missing suddenly I felt shocked by seeing you on mandapam & thought is that same Rabbit or some other? The moment when I looked into your eyes while placing jilakara bellam on head those glittering eyes are speaking tonnes but my mind went blank and heart get shivered with that intense.

September 2018:

2 Big surprises in this month

Monday: I asked a cup of tea

Tuesday: Showed her how to make it best

Wednesday: She did

Thursday: I Stopped Asking

Yes, she is very good at making bad tea.

Shouted why you feeling uneasy often such an energetic girl you are at the office what happens to you. The doctor told us Baby Mourya entered her womb. We are planning to plan but this little one a bit ahead and planned to spoil the thought of planning the plan.

October 2018:

Every husband's heart rolled between 2 love roles

mom and wife. But mine is crunched between 2 love roles, 2 cultures and 2 states (AP & TS) But, I agree with her "nothing wrong in dropping the plate in the sink after eating" & followed too. Do I need to say more about differences than this?

November 2018:

Life will be turned in anytime all you need to have a supporting half in any situation. I lost my hard-earned second income source. After 27 days I lost my job too. I disappointed and went low. These words from her "how many corporate employees will get a chance to take care of their wife at early stages of pregnancy" I am so lucky to have you in the home these days. Who else can sharp my confidence pencil like this? She did and won my heart again.

December 2018:

First birthday of her after marriage. Planned a lot but Hyd has no Sea for candlelight dinner even though I believe it's her best birthday without candlelight dinner without talking too Guess what it is?

2018 missed our great farewell and 2019 gonna be luckier with our baby entrance. Best New Year Quote which I wrote.

January - 2019:

First Pongal experience with Telangana culture it's an amazing feeling when eating Kodikura chittigare. Felt you should be lucky enough get pure Telangana girl as wife + culture bonus (trust me you will have a lot of benefits)

February 2019:

2 months without a job wallet in the back pocket is screaming in that weird moments I was thinking how it would be a food business she said NO this is the first and last time I didn't listen to her insecurities and experienced failure results.

PS: her 6th sense is 101% right

March 2019:

Generally, people will follow culture traditions blindly sometimes without thinking about reality and comforts.

her mom asked her to come after 3 months of confirmation she rejected my mom told her to go home in the 9th month. she said cute NO & She made it and stood with me all 9 months.

If she committed no one can change her only thing here is if that commitment is valid nature draws a path to her.

Thanks, Bhoomi for providing me an opportunity to experience my baby moments every day

April 2019:

The last month for me and Mourya to take challenghttps://www.instagram.com/mouryas_kingdom/es. Me with the job he with the world. Again life is throwing me into hardships with a tough job of 6 days 30km away from home. after leaving one job due to distance this is 2nd one & farther from home.

I am trying to adapt that situation but, my baby boy Mourya rang luck bells with a nice offer from nearest organization to where I never carry lunch box (lunch at home is a dream for many but I am so fortunate)

I am just away 8 hrs a day before 12 days of his arrival but, that's ok

May 2019:

He rang the luck bell first with my new job and came to see us before 12 days of the expected date such an amazing feeling when I listened to his first cry. Thankyou Bhoomi

May is Mourya's Month

June 2019:

Never imagined my chrome history with words like "baby diaper" "best diaper for infants" " how to make baby sleep early" like this. That momjunction suggests this modern mom follows.

hello MomJunction Content can be curated in the brain, not money. Just kidding

July 2019:

Such an amazing month after 9 months of losing a second income source. I worked hard in 30 days to get back it to its place. I didn't believe in the beginning when she said he is lucky to me now it's confirmed. in contrast to the routine working lifestyle, she digg my past and opened my singing book first then my vocals.

she came much closer to understand the inside in Ganeshinside

August 2019:

Birthday month & my first cake cutting in the home after 27 years of my birth. I felt somewhat new and didn't find words to explain those feelings. All I say I am lucky to have you bhoomi

A year with you I saw failures & success both are like a sine wave in my life oscilloscope (she didn't get this why because she is from CSE background)

Before concluding

Relationship Rules I Learned From You

  • Men and Women are never equal. men = women + 1 that 1 is the male ego which needs to handle with ∞ (1/∞= 0) love to make it equal

  • Scream on me then buy me icecream shout at me then take me out when the argument is crossing border simply Say I don't have energy now

  • Never think or plan for years just think for weeks and work hard on that plan. yearly plans will never work in a relationship except for LIC premiums

  • Sharing dreams good or bad including ex related. Actions are in control, not thoughts and dreams.

  • Never compare husband with anyone except dad that too in terms of love only. (obviously, dad is a superhero for any girl)

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