• Bhoomi Ganesh

Pregnancy Is Not A Disease - Myths & Facts

Updated: May 22, 2020

Pregnancy is not a disease Worry not! Enjoy your 40 weeks and make more memories out of it. Here I am sharing my experience from the week 1 to 40th week.

☑️ Pregnancy alters your thinking forever and make you realize how important life is and why it must be protected at any cost.

➡️My journey when Mourya was inside doesn't change my routine.

✔️ I Had fun

✔️ I ate my favourites.

✔️ I traveled long journeys.

✔️ I went around for movies

✔️ Regular bike rides.

❌ Staying at In-laws place gives a negative effect on baby for the first time pregnancy is a super duper myth. So please don't believe.

❤ 💯/💯 Stay with your loved one(Husband) if you really wish to go a smooth journey of all the weeks. 🥰 nothing is highly recommended other than those love cuddles and support 😍💯/💯 💞 @ganeshinside

Our old wives tales perception of being alert on food and going outside doesn't effect anything on our baby.

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